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Know the history of ARATAU

ARATAU - Construção Modular is a young company, but it was born with great experience, adding its partners’ multidisciplinary skills in the engineering, construction and real-estate development sectors, who, after more than thirty years:

- Interfering with their way of designing, planning and building;

- Introducing new technologies, processes, products and construction systems;

- Exhausted and not satisfied with the high rate of waste, low quality and productivity, uncertainties and rework, frequent delays and increased construction costs;

- And without any passion for “stacking bricks” or “constructive craftsmanship”…

…They decided to act as change agents, creating ARATAU Construção Modular, to raise the construction industry to another level.

ARATAU is, with much pride, a Brazilian company of global standard. It was born in 2019, as a result of a strong purpose, with the safety and commitment to offering its customers a unique experience, contributing to improve the quality of life, sustainability and built environment.



Provide a unique experience in the customer’s journey, materializing their dreams through technology and innovation in Modular Construction, ensuring predictability of costs and deadlines, and total transparency in the customers’ monitoring of projects.


To be recognized as an innovative company, which will transform the traditional construction into an efficient and high-productivity industry, through Smart Modular Construction Solutions, generating high-performance processes, systems, projects and products.


– Environmental responsibility and respect for people;

– Ethics and transparency;

– We develop our processes and products from the customer’s perspective;

– Our main asset is human capital: we value entrepreneurship, teamwork, clarity in communication, a sense of ownership and proactivity;

– We are change agents. We anticipate trends and are committed to technology and innovation, which are the driving force of

The word ARATAU means "modular" in Maori, and was chosen not only for its meaning and sound, but also for its affinity with the Tupi-Guarani language. We were born as a strong Brazilian company, hence the green and yellow colors.

World-class team

Result-oriented Culture | Business Intelligence | Technology and Innovation


Paulo Oliveira


Marcos Hesketh

Marcos Hesketh


Uirá Falseti

Uirá Falseti


Alexandre Pandolfo

Alexandre Pandolfo



From the concept to the manufacturing and assembly process, with the customer in mind and contemplating the product’s life cycle

ARATAU develops and delivers sustainable solutions, designed to be economically viable, which include:

Expressive reduction of waste and rework

Lower consumption of water and energy in off-site production

Hydro-energy efficiency

Water reuse and solar heating systems in all products

Less noise and dust generation at the construction site — assembly operation (off-site)

Infrastructure for photovoltaic energy, automation and climate control

Fast and functional maintenance — external shafts and channels, without installations embedded in concrete.

Human capital

In a world centered on technology, innovation and digital transformation, so relevant to the success of our business, having talent is essential. The HUMAN CAPITAL will always be our main asset.